The Modern Day “Unsinkable” Molly Brown

Lori is the mother of a university student and triplets entering middle school. In addition to her very active involvement with her groups, Lori is a precinct delegate. When asked how she does it all, she responded: “We need to proselytize and deputize others to have things go out into the world. You need a dynamic person to get people to do things – not pushy, but dynamic. I’m blessed that I’ve got the energy to do what needs to be done.”


Sharing Our Activism – Eli Rubin

Eli Rubin is a youngish (GenX-era) full-time professor of Modern European History at Western Michigan University. He and his wife (also a History professor) are raising 5 children. Despite the obvious demands on his time, I’ve seen Eli around Ann Arbor at many events, and in nearby cities participating in events as well– most notably those connected to the issue of Single Payer Health Care.