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On Becoming a Poll Challenger: Part 1

If you’re the type of person who cares about our democracy, I encourage you to become a challenger and help ensure the fairness of our elections. Above all, if you’re the type of person who likes viewing the flowers in other people’s gardens, I encourage you to become a challenger and obtain that unique perspective.

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Khyla Craine

Census 2020 Questions and Answers with Kyla D. Craine

The Census Bureau Counts the Population by collecting information from all households, including those residing in a group or unique living arrangements. The Census Bureau wants to make it easy for people to respond anytime and anywhere.
Khyla D. Craine was kind enough to share her expertise in this Question and Answer segment, moderated by Leslie Kamil.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020. Michigan Primaries
How to vote from home in the presidential primary

Step 1. Register to Vote
If you don’t know how or unsure if you are registered, watch the video here or confirm you are registered to vote by entering your name, etc. here at mi.gov/vote. Register or correct your address if needed.

Step 2.Get an Application

In 2018, Michigan opened absentee voting to any registered voter for any reason. It’s very simple and convenient to vote from home where you are comfortable and can research the issues on the ballot. No pressure, no lines, no one waiting for you to finish.
Wave Michigan is helping voters to request their absentee ballot and has a list of all clerks addresses where the form is to be sent. It’s that easy. You’ll get your ballot in the mail well before the election.

Also it can be turned in by hand, fax or email, as long as a signature is visible. Requests for a mailed absent voter ballot must be turned in by 5 pm on Thursday March 6. Check out this video for detailed instructions. Thanks to MLive for form link in article.

Step 3. Ballot
When the ballot comes in the mail read all instructions carefully, make your choices, and return it with correct postage (2 stamps).

Step 1. Register to VOTE

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