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A PEG Exclusive: The State of the Census 2020 in America

In a surprising move last week, the US Census Bureau announced that the will cut short the door-to-door efforts at the end of September instead of the end of October. This has implications for the integrity of the entire project, but especially in Michigan where we could lose $1800 of federal funds each year for each person that goes uncounted.

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Tips for voting in the August 4 Election!

Since Election Day is only a few days away, it’s a great idea to drop off your ballot rather than mail it. Find your clerk! Go to Ballotpower.org or the Michigan Secretary of State’s office website to locate your clerk’s office.

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Last minute tips for voting on August 4
It is now possible to register to vote in Michigan ONLINE!!
Click here to register on the Michigan Secretary of State’s Voter Information Center!
Additional information and lots of resources on elections and voting are available on the Michigan Voter Information Center site. Included are:
Track your registration, your absentee ballot and your vote on BALLOTPOWER.ORG.

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