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Featured Articles From Our Newsletter

The Road to Fascism

Critical Race Theory originated as a body of scholarship analyzing systematic racism. It alleges that racism is systemic and evident in all aspects of American society, including health care, housing, economics, education, clean water, and the criminal justice system. Over generations, this system has given white people enormous advantages while compounding disadvantages for Black people and other minorities.

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Protect our children from COVID

The Michigan Senate Education Committee advanced a series of bills that would bar local school districts from requiring masks and other measures to keep students and educators safe, denying schools the basic tools that are needed in order to keep their children in attendance and healthy.

Schools, as reported by A2D2-Ann Arbor inDivisible Dems, are placed in a difficult position. If infection rates get high enough that closing would be considered, under the new education budget rules, the schools could lose their state funding if 75% of students in a district aren’t in attendance for 180 days.

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Conversations with Chuck Newman and Mark Brewer

The vast majority of the maps submitted to Michigan’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission to date would result in districts that are more inequitable than the existing gerrymandered districts. Similarly, most of the comments that have been received support these maps.
Attorney Mark Brewer will be interviewed on Conversations about the current status of the redistricting process and what we can do about it. His principal areas of practice include campaign finance and non-profit law. He has been involved in a wide variety of election cases since the 1980s including county, legislative and congressional redistricting, presidential primaries/caucuses, recalls, recounts, ballot access, voter protection on Election Day and the protection of the right to vote a straight party ticket. Join us for what promises to be an enlightening and empowering conversation. Sunday, August 29 at 7:30 pm

Map your community

For the first time in Michigan history, an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission will draw the boundaries of Michigan’s state legislative and U.S. congressional districts, with input from the public in 2021. But the details and maps are not being widely disseminated and the redistricting draft process begins later this month. Watch the video above to see how it all works. Then, join Voters Not Politicians for a workshop on community maps and descriptions.
Once you are registered, you will receive Zoom access to learn:
  • about Communities of Interest and Michigan’s new redistricting process
  • how to describe and map your community using the Commission’s new public comment portal
  • how to submit effective testimony to the Commission

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