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To that end, we endorse organizations that work towards these goals and share ways to support their efforts. We also publish informative articles from trustworthy news sources and information on related events and actions we can take as individuals.

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Splintered Abortion Rights Advocates Are Losing the Battle

Miscalculations, and an unexpected victory from President Trump, have put abortion access at its most vulnerable point in decades. In a span of six months this year alone, states in the South and Midwest have passed a total of 58 restrictions. The left is on the defensive. Now it’s trying to recover.

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Damaged Student Loan System Continues to Fail Borrowers

The student loan portfolio has swelled over $1.5 trillion. Student loan forgiveness turned into a broken promise many teachers faced when accepting low-paying positions and incurring a debt some feel they were encouraged to undertake. Educators within the last decade are unable to extricate themselves despite adhering to the regulations of the forgiveness program.

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Sunday, December 22, 2019. WAVE Training
WAVE (We All Vote Every time) is premised on the observation that people respond better to those they know compared to those they don’t. WAVE (We All Vote Everytime) utilizes relationship organizing to get potential voters who share our values to become absentee ballot voters. Students, the working poor and other groups have been shown to be much more likely to vote if they are an absentee ballot voter.
On Sunday, December 22, we will have a WAVE Meeting. This Meeting will include an introduction to WAVE, an update on its progress and a training session for both new and experienced users of the WAVE tool for identifying and contacting potential absentee ballot voters. Touchstone Cohousing Common House, 560 LIttle Lake Dr, Ann Arbor. 1:30–3 pm

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