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The Power grab in Lansing has started!

Do not let the legislature undermine our votes! Call your Michigan senator and Governor Rick Snyder now. Tell them to oppose Senate Bills 1238 through 1242, because they threaten Michiganders’ voting rights. To be connected to your senator and Governor Snyder, call (517) 201-2258. –ACLU

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The Midterm Election: What Happened and What Does It Mean? (VIDEO AVAILABLE)

Professor Michael Traugott, Senior Research Professor in the Center for Political Studies at the University of Michigan and Professor Emeritus in the Department of Communication Studies, is nationally recognized for his research on the media and its impact on political campaigns and candidates as well as for his expertise in polling and survey design.
Questions about November’s midterm election that maybe you were afraid to ask were answered at the PEG-sponsored talk by Traugott. Among other topics, he discussed how each party’s advantages—Democratic enthusiasm and Republican gerrymandering and structural dominance in the Senate—impacted the 2018 midterm election.
Other topics Traugott covered were gerrymandering and how computer technology has brought it to new standard of perfection; the gender, race, and age gap all of which favors Democrats; and what he termed “affective polarization,” by which he meant the growing ideological distance between the two parties. Sadly, in regard to that distance and dislike between Republicans and Democrats, he believes it will divide America for some years to come. If you missed it, click on the video here.

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