We are a non-partisan group of concerned citizens who believe that equality and fairness are essential to democracy.

To that end, we endorse organizations that work towards these goals and share ways to support their efforts. We also publish informative articles from trustworthy news sources and information on related events and actions we can take as individuals.

Featured Articles From Our Newsletter

Call the Governor to release Michigan state prisoners at risk of COVID-19

The best way to manage the COVID-19 challenge in Michigan’s prison system is to release as many people as possible as soon as possible. It can be done quickly, without compromising public safety, and in the best interest of public health. To save lives, it is imperative that the Governor act immediately to expand who is eligible for parole, expand the use of her commutation powers, expand parole boards, and expedite the review of wrongful conviction cases in front of the conviction integrity unit.

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The United States Postal Service

It is urgent that Congress and the White House fully fund the United States Postal Service in the next stimulus bill. Private companies won’t deliver to certain remote areas — and, right now, the Postal Service is delivering lifesaving medications and food, supporting voting by mail-in primary states and helping other services necessary for our nation to continue to operate.

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An Anniversary Message from Chuck Newman, Founder of PEG

When I look back at my introduction to our first newsletter I’m struck how faithful we have been to our mission and what an important contribution the hard working newsletter team has made. I want to especially thank Leslie McGraw…and all the others for their contributions. With their help we have publicized over 5,000 events and things each of our readers could do to make a difference.
Protectors of Equality in Government was started on November 9, 2016 when I realized that the America I loved and the values which were the reason that I loved it, were in danger. These values are reflected in PEG’s beliefs mission statement.
“To recruit and engage Americans to assure that our government will treat them with equality and acceptance.”
The following meme ran in our first newsletter and says it all:

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