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There’s a drama playing out in the Senate right now, but the key to knowing what’s going to happen with this monstrosity of a tax bill is to understand that it’s all theater. All those allegedly wavering Republicans, poring over the details and unsure of whether they’re going to be able to bring themselves to vote for the bill?

They’re full of it. They’re posturing, maneuvering, angling for a few extra concessions and pretending to care deeply about things such as the deficit. With perhaps one exception (John McCain), they’re all going to vote for it in the end.

McCain may wind up voting against it, because he likes being contrary and he doesn’t really seem to care anymore. But the rest of the supposedly undecided votes — as many as 10, depending on whom you include — aren’t really undecided at all….

Opinion | Those Republicans who are ‘undecided’ on the tax bill? Don’t believe them for a minute.

They’re just posturing, and this monstrosity is going to pass.


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