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Each time Congress makes major changes to its tax bill, the independent tax experts who analyze bills need to do another analysis. Yesterday, the Tax Policy Center came out with a new overview of the Senate bill, and it was brutal. You can see a summary in the chart at the top of this newsletter.
In brief, 98 percent of households making at least $5 million (roughly the top 1/1,000th of the income distribution) receive a tax cut by the time the bill is fully implemented. Only about 26 percent of those making less than $150,000 a year (roughly the bottom 4/5ths of the distribution) get a tax cut.
The tax bill has a few decent ideas scattered in it. But it is, at root, an enormous tax cut for the very rich, financed by a combination of middle-class tax increases and deficit increases.

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The collapse of coalition talks on Sunday doesn’t mean the country is collapsing. But it does show how much the far right has changed German politics.


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