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This is a special edition of the PEG Newsletter devoted exclusively to an extraordinary threat to our country. We are asking you to take action even if you have never done so before. This is our chance to avoid an injustice that will adversely affect millions of people for years to come.
“Just like with healthcare, our path to stopping this bill is through voicing tremendous constituent pressure, forcing Republicans to delay or slow their process. Each and every Senator needs to hear loud and clear from their constituents that you don’t want this bill.
Congressional Republicans are hoping that you will be too tired from the healthcare fight, too distracted by the holidays, and not too motivated by tax policy.
Let’s prove them wrong. Make a call. Schedule a visit to your Senators’ office before Thanksgiving. Show up on November 27 for a sit-in. Let’s stop this thing together.” – Indivisible

PEG Special Edition


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