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Welcome to the People Power team! Together we can make a difference in expanding access to voting in Michigan. One simple thing that everyone can do: please call or write your representative, and ask them to call for a hearing on HB4033, 4034 and 4035. These are all to introduce a version of No-reason Absentee Voting, perhaps the easiest of the reform to achieve. Sharon Dolente, the ACLU lead organizer for this campaign, tells us that the State representatives receive very few calls from constituents, even in these fraught times, and none about voting issues, so a concerted push on this will definitely put it on their radar. If each of us in turn forwards the ask to 5 of our friends, we should get a very good volume. You can also post the idea on Facebook. I will send a suitable post soon, but feel free to do your own!

As you may have seen, Sharon Dolente has also asked that we interview our city and township clerks, who are responsible for election administration, to learn which of them support the proposed modernizations, and which do not. We would like to understand why, when they do not. Can you commit to calling or visiting one or more of the clerks on our list? If so, keep reading!

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