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It is extraordinary that a full year after the last presidential election, there is still enduring attention—among the public, in academia, in the executive branch, and on Capitol Hill—to the issue of election security. This moment presents a remarkable opportunity to take long-overdue steps toward securing federal and state elections.

In the spirit of capitalizing on that moment, this post maps some of the current landscape, both with respect to the nature of the foreign threat, domestic considerations, and possible solutions. Broadly, Congress should work in concert with the executive branch to:

Develop a national strategy for securing elections.
Provide federal resources in the form of funding, support, and best practices.
Regulate election-technology vendors.
Lead the development of international norms against election interference.
Renew and sustain political commitment to the issue of election security.
Before turning to those recommendations, however, it’s useful to review some necessary background.

We Need to Secure Voting Machines. But from What?

We need a national strategy for securing elections.


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