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Trump earned Four Pinocchios the last time we looked into his claim that immigrants cause crime rates to rise in the United States. Fresh data and several new studies have been released since that fact-check in 2015, and we took another look at the body of knowledge to see how the president’s view holds up.

When we fact-checked him as a candidate in 2015, Trump spoke of immigrants generally and without distinguishing between legal and unauthorized residents. But in his most recent statements on Dec. 6, the president narrowed it down to “illegal immigrants … bringing with them crime, tremendous amounts of crime.” (We’re not evaluating Trump’s claim that Democrats “want to have illegal immigrants.”)

Is Trump on solid ground now when he says unauthorized immigrants make the country less safe?

Analysis | Trump’s claim that immigrants bring ‘tremendous crime’ is still wrong

Trump has insisted for years that immigrants raise crime rates, but new studies show he’s still wrong.


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