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World leaders are serving up some shrewdly veiled criticism of Donald Trump at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, days before the U.S. president is due to speak there.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi kicked things off with a nearly hourlong address on Tuesday morning, warning explicitly of the dangers that protectionism and trade barriers pose to the world, which he likened to the threat of terrorism.

Modi’s remarks came just hours after Trump slapped tariffs on imported solar-energy components and large washing machines ― a move decried by Asian nations as the “America First” leader’s trade battle with China escalates.

“Forces of protectionism are raising their heads against globalization,” Modi cautioned. “The negative impact of this kind of mindset cannot be considered less dangerous than climate change or terrorism.”

The prime minister delved further into climate change, which has become a contentious issue between Trump and other world leaders since he pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Even Before Trump Arrives, He’s The Elephant In The Room At Davos

Leaders at the World Economic Forum are taking not-so-subtle swipes at the U.S. president.


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