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One year in, the state of the union in Donald Trump’s America is exhaustion.

Trump’s presidency has proven to be a uniquely overwhelming experience, one that’s strained America’s political institutions, stressed its governing officials, and produced a never-ending series of five-alarm political controversies.

It is, in many ways, the polar opposite of the no-drama Obama ethos of the last administration. And those who know the president say that’s by design. Trump has thicker scar tissue than most and his modus operandi has been to claw, scrape, and nag the opposition until they finally acquiesce. It defined his business life and it’s followed him into politics.

“It is going to be unsustainable for people who don’t get him or haven’t been around him,” said Sam Nunberg, a former Trump campaign aide who was fired from the election team. “If you work for him for many years like I have—and trust me I’m not trying to get a job here—but this would be normal for me.”

The state of the nation in Trump’s America is exhaustion.

The president has thicker scar tissue than you. And he knows it.


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