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This election season, one thing’s for sure: young voters are going to be absolutely critical to taking back the House. Through the Swing Left College Fellowship program, Fellows will receive top-notch training in campaigning and organizing, so they can get out the youth vote in November and become progressive leaders on their campuses and beyond.
Millennials (people 18–35) outnumber every other generation of voters, and they’re more progressive than their parents and grandparents. But they cast 14 million fewer votes than Baby Boomers in the 2016 election. We need to change that — and it will take a fully-mobilized student movement that is focused on getting people to the polls.
Candidates should be full or part-time students enrolled at two- or four-year colleges or universities in or near one of our 70 Swing Districts. If you know a student who wants to make lasting change, ask them to check out the full Swing Left College Fellowship application.

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