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his week, the Trump administration issued policy guidance that effectively ends Medicaid as we know it, allowing states to place punitive work requirements on certain Medicaid recipients—more than 7 in 10 of whom are caregivers or in school. Although these so-called work requirement policies may seem reasonable at first glance, in practice, they’re a way to strip away health insurance from struggling unemployed and underemployed workers. President Donald Trump’s actions are just the latest shoe to drop in his party’s deeply unpopular crusade to undermine Americans’ health care—including the highly popular Medicaid program—and come on the heels of a tax cut that rewards the massively wealthy over working Americans.

New CAP analysis shows that at least 6.3 million Americans—including students, caregivers, and retirees—could be at risk of losing their health care.* This includes nearly 640,000 people in the 10 states that have already filed for waivers to implement Trump’s plan. In a piece of good news, Gov. Charlie Baker (R) of Massachusetts immediately committed to not participating in Trump’s efforts to take health care away from his state’s residents, and additional governors may join him in the days ahead. However, following the release of the new policy, additional states are also likely to join the ranks of the 10 states with pending waiver requests, with policymakers in Louisiana already making their intentions to do so known today.

Trump’s Medicaid Work Requirements Could Put At Least 6.3 Million Americans at Risk of Losing Health Care – Center for American Progress

New Trump administration guidance on Medicaid work requirements could lead to a spike in the number of people who are uninsured—all without creating a single job for unemployed workers.


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