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In honor of that anniversary, we reproduced the first article from newsletter #1 describing why PEG was formed. This week we would like to address “where we are now,” and next week we will discuss “where we want to go.”
  Through our well-respected weekly newsletter, we are providing answers to the question, “What can we do and what actions can we take to protect equality in our government?” Currently, over 1,100 people subscribe to our newsletter. Our Facebook page reaches more than 17,000 people per week! With sharing and forwarding of both the newsletter and the Facebook posts, we are reaching at least 20,000 people per week.
 Through the monthly speaker series — as well as the newsletter, website and Facebook page — PEG educates and provides links to actions people might take to address important government actions, issue and developments.
  The PEG leadership has been radically civil and non-partisan, while being collaborative and having fun. PEG has been working constructively with other activist groups and organizations that share our common values.
  As we move closer to midterm elections, our work will continue and we invite everyone to join our efforts. If interested, please email us at

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