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On May 14, there was an uplifting and powerful show in Lansing, joining protesters in 29 other states that had simultaneous rallies and civil disobedience actions. The focus is creating a compassionate and just society that centers poor people. The campaign is non partisan and is seeking to, among other things, push for a living wage and health care for all, LGBTQA rights, voting rights, fair housing, immigration rights.
 For more information including the time of the rally’s click here. This is the schedule of the rallies.
  • Tuesday, May 29. Theme — Militarism: The War Economy, Veterans, Education and Our National Priorities
  • Monday, June 4. Theme — Ecological Devastation and Health: Clean Air, Clean Water, and Healthcare for All
  • Monday, June 11. Theme — Everybody’s Got a Right to Live: Jobs, Income, the Right to Organize, and Housing
  • Monday, June 18. Theme — A New and Unsettling Force: A Fusion Movement Rising Up
Central United Methodist Church, 215 N. Capitol Ave, Lansing .

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