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Plenary speakers include Brandon Dasent, a Parkland school shooting survivor and student activist; Desmond Meade, head of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition; and Erica Ford, a leader in the fight against gun violence and founder of LIFE Camp in New York City.
  “We chose the theme because we know people are entering this space at different levels of experience,” McCampbell continued. “Whether you’ve been active for two years or 20 years, the Michigan Summit is the place for you. We want to make sure we are uplifting marginalized voices, connecting our shared values, and creating action at the ballot box and beyond.”
  Registration is now open and more information can be found at The registration fee is $25 and includes lunch.  Click here to register. University of Michigan-Flint Riverfront Banquet Center, 1 Riverfront Plaza, Flint. 8:30 am–5:05 pm

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