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Don’t consider Kavanaugh for Supreme Court until Mueller investigation is over

Enough is enough. Brett Kavanaugh has almost four million pages of White House records, and less than 6,000 have been made public. Republicans are concealing all of the records from three years of Kavanaugh’s work in the Bush White House which could show Kavanaugh’s extreme views –– like his belief that a president can ignore laws he doesn’t like or that a sitting president should be immune from criminal proceedings, like Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.
This is a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. We already know he would overturn Roe v. Wade and the patient protections of the Affordable Care Act. As a reminder, Judge Kavanaugh’s pick by Trump reads like a conservative wishlist:
  • Mr. Kavanaugh has issued prior rulings that are ideologically aligned with the gun lobby.
  • Mr. Kavanaugh could be instrumental in dismantlling the ACA, LGBTQ rights, and reproductive rights.
  • Mr. Kavanaugh has suggested that the president should not be subject to civil or criminal court proceedings while in office.
  • Mr. Kavanaugh has consistently ruled in favor of corporate interests over consumer protections.
  • Mr. Kavanaugh is considered a pro-life justice and will do his best to overturn Roe v. Wade.
Please call these Republican members of the Judiciary Committee. Click here for list and scriptRead more here. -USA TODAY

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