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According to ACLU, 565 immigrant children remained in government custody as of August 16, nearly a month after the Trump Administration was ordered to reunite families. The problem is complicated by the reality that many parents were deported without their children and without usable phone numbers. And according to immigration attorneys, the Trump Administration withheld phone numbers and contact information available in the children’s case files for some time before the July 26th deadline. In order to be reunited with their parents, children who have an asylum claim may have to relinquish theirs in order be reunited with their parents or else, navigate the court system without their parents. For details on this complicated and painful situation, click here.
Lunchtime for Change is a way to make activism part of your day. Here is whole list of things you can do while eating your sandwich and thinking of your family. Tweet and share your actions (with a link to the quick action list) on your social media networks with the hashtag #FamiliesBelongTogether to make a greater impact. New actions every Wednesday.

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