Most prison inmates are incarcerated for non-violent crimes. Yet, chronic understaffing, inhumane treatments and for-profit prisons have led to deadly situations , and now they are affecting immigrant detentions as well. After violence in a South Carolina prison this past spring, prison reform leaders and allies like the ACLU launched a national non-violent prison strike to raise awareness around the brutality of mass incarceration. Set to occur between August 21 to September 9, it is centered around 10 specific policy demands . These demands include significantly reducing the number of people in jail and prison, improving prison conditions, properly funding rehabilitation, and addressing racism throughout the criminal justice system. Organizers are emphasizing Demand #10, also known as the #Right2Votecampaign, a demand that all American citizens of voting age — including all people in jail, prison, or on parole — have the right to vote, because the right to vote is the right from which all other rights flowed. They ask people outside of prison to support this change. Presently, only Maine and Vermont permit all incarcerated and formerly incarcerated citizens the right to vote. Read more here.

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