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Expanding Medicaid in states that have refused to extend this lifesaving health program would save more than 14,000 lives per year, according to new data compiled by the Center for American Progress. This is just one of the staggering benefits that CAP found in researching the far-reaching effects of Medicaid expansion in the states, including reductions in infant deaths, reductions in uninsured opioid-related hospitalizations, and earlier and additional cancer diagnoses. These new estimates underscore the lifesaving effects of Medicaid expansion and its role in combating some of the nation’s most deadly health crises. The estimates also demonstrate the extent to which expanding Medicaid in remaining states would reduce bankruptcies, enhance public safety, keep money in families’ pockets, and more.

Expanding Medicaid in All States Would Save 14,000 Lives Per Year – Center for American Progress

In addition to saving lives, expanding Medicaid would have wide-ranging benefits for residents of the 17 nonexpansion states—benefits that go far beyond boosting health insurance coverage and improving access to care.


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