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A 1992 photo of Stacey Abrams, who is now the Democratic candidate for governor in Georgia, has resurfaced, showing Abrams ― who was in college at the time ― at a protest where students burned what was then Georgia’s state flag. The flag prominently featured the Confederate battle emblem, a symbol that has strong historical associations with racism and white supremacy.

In the photo ― originally from a 1992 Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, and republished in The New York Times on Monday ― a young Abrams stands with three other students burning the flag at the Georgia Capitol. The original Journal-Constitution story quotes one of the student protesters as saying, “We’re going to send Georgia’s racist past up in flames.”

Old Photo Of Stacey Abrams Protesting Confederate Symbol On State Flag Resurfaces

People have criticized The New York Times for covering the 1992 flag-burning photo on the eve of Abrams’ gubernatorial debate.


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