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Did you know that 61% of the people who voted for Hillary in 2016 didn’t vote for the Democratic candidates for the State Supreme Court? With your help, 2018 will be different! Our Voter Guides and suggested sample ballots contain the information voters need to vote the full ballot.
Volunteers are needed to help deliver the guides to households who contain likely Democratic voters starting this Saturday in Washtenaw County. To sign up, send an email to and you will be informed when and where you can help and what will be involved. If you would like to join other members of Protectors of Equality in Government, note that in your email. To volunteer to distribute the guides in the the Washtenaw County portion of the 7th Congressional District, click here.
Voter Guides are now available for 18 different counties in Michigan, including Washtenaw, Wayne and Jackson, that will be critical to victory in this election. Click here to select and view the guides.
Click on the words “What county do you live in?” and click on your county. A PDF file will open. To see the whole guide, scroll down to pages 2-8. Page 8 has the sample ballot. Click on page one and at the top right you will see an icon for download and print. You can then share this with folks as an attachment if you’ve downloaded it to your computer. OR copy the HTML address at the top and include that in your email as a link for your friends to go to.

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