The lame duck session in Michigan’s House and Senate has begun, and Republican lawmakers are rushing to finalize legislation before Governor-elect Whitmer can put her veto pen to them when she takes office in January. A coalition of liberal and progressive organizations are mobilizing to campaign for the minimum wage and paid sick leave laws the Republicans are trying to gut.
Republicans are also trying to rush through unproven educational policy to address Michigan’s declining achievement scores in grades K-12, no-fault insurance, protection of “dark money” to political campaigns (sb1176), and a revision of teacher’s pensions which Republicans would like switched from a defined benefit retirement pension plan to a defined contribution plan like a 401(K).
Perhaps most seriously–and lethally–is the proposed bill SB1197; Republican lawmakers would allow Enbridge to bypass all environmental and governmental reviews normally required in construction of an oil tunnel and expose Michigan to enormous liability and danger. Native American groups as well as the League of Women Voters of Michigan, Clean Water Action and the Straits of Mackinac Alliance all oppose the bill. More detailed information on the growing opposition to the bill is available at this link .
If you’d like to contribute to the future well-being of Michigan and Michiganders, you can sign up here for calling parties to protest the proposed legislation.
Bill information can be tracked at  legislature.mi.gov . The Michigan House of Representatives agenda can be found at  legislature.mi.gov by clicking on Today’s Calendars on the menu to the left.

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