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Come rally at the Federal Building (AKA Post Office) in downtown Ann Arbor as part of the national protests against Trump's wall and against using the federal government as a bargaining chip to get funding for the wall. Grab your lunch and then join us for speakers, chants, and a march through downtown Ann Arbor. There will likely be an open mic following the march.

January 29, when Trump's State of the Union was originally scheduled, speak out about the REAL state of our union. Together, we’ll show the true costs of Trump and the GOP's demand for a racist border wall and the destructive repercussions of Trump's tantrum shutdown, and we'll demand that Trump and the GOP shut down the wall and reopen the government!

The government has been in partial shutdown for over a month—the longest government shutdown in American history. Nearly 1 million federal workers and contractors are being used as bargaining chips against some of the most vulnerable people seeking asylum at our borders.

On January 29, we will stand together with immigrant communities, federal workers, and all of us who are impacted by the shutdown to show that we won't be divided by Trump's antics. We won't fund Trump's racist wall with our taxpayer dollars, the government must be reopened, and people seeking asylum must be let in.

Contact Jessica from Stop Trump Ann Arbor on their Facebook page or at jessica.prozinski@gmail.com with questions about this event.

Photo by Jonathan Ernst via Reuters News Agency


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