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More information regarding the redistricting case from Bridge Magazine:

Last week, new Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, announced she is in talks with the League of Women Voters to end a lawsuit over Michigan’s 2011 redistricting process before trial is set to start Feb. 5.

Court documents filed Saturday indicate the compromise involves asking the court to agree to redraw fewer than 34 of the state’s 162 congressional and legislative districts – a task that legal precedent indicates would fall to the state’s Republican-controlled Legislature.

Special elections in newly redrawn districts would follow in 2020, including perhaps those in the state Senate which Republicans now control 22-16. The suit alleges 10 of the districts are unconstitutional, and seven of those are now held by Republicans. New maps would only last for the 2020 election. The next year, a citizens commission created by voters through a referendum passed in November would draw new districts for the 2022 election and thereafter. 🗳


Gerrymandering settlement would give Michigan Dems hope, GOP despair

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is drawing fire from Republicans, who say she’s trying to ‘rig elections to favor Democrats’ with a deal to end a suit over redistricting.

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