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Our friends at Michigan Resistance are hosting four upcoming calling parties to contact Michigan State Senators and ask them to protect Michigan’s No Fault Insurance Benefits while also Lowering Auto Insurance Rates. #MILeg

On January 5, 2019, Senator Nesbitt introduced SB 0001 to amend the current No Fault Insurance Code. This bill is currently in the Insurance and Banking Committee. This bill is designed to gut the current No Fault bill and to reduce the cost of auto insurance. It does so at the expense of the insured, not the insurers. It proposes caps to be put on lifetime medical care and allows for lowered personal care policies that would only cover emergency medical care and not the higher costs of recovery care, which would then be covered at the expense of taxpayers through Medicaid. The bill does nothing to eliminate the use of non-driving factors, nor does it demand any mandatory rate reductions by the insurance companies.

– Monday, January 28: 1320 W Huron, Ann Arbor. 6–8 pm
– Tuesday, January 29: 5166 Forest View Ct, Ann Arbor. 2–4 pm
– Monday, February 4: 1320 W Huron, Ann Arbor. 6–8 pm
– Tuesday, February 5: Location TBD, Ann Arbor. 2–4 pm

More info at: https://www.michiganresistance.org or on their Facebook group page (located on their Facebook page).


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