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‼️ Important news from MLive.com regarding Proposal 2 in Michigan:

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced Thursday that she’s hoping to settle a federal lawsuit alleging the state’s existing political district lines are gerrymandered, a move that could mean new districts in the 2020 election cycle.

The lawsuit, initially filed by the League of Women Voters in December 2017, claims Michigan’s 2011 redistricting process heavily favored Republicans and resulted in gerrymandered districts. The case was slated to go to trial in early February, and Benson filed a brief in court this week concurring with a request from attorneys for several Republican officials that the trial be put on hold – albeit for different reasons.

If the case is settled, any resulting changes to Michigan’s political districts would only impact the 2020 election. The next round of redistricting will come after the 2020 census and be in place by the 2022 election, and will be the state’s first test of the independent redistricting commission set into motion by the passage of Proposal 2.


Michigan Secretary of State looks to settle federal gerrymandering lawsuit

Benson announced her intent to settle the case Thursday evening.

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