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Awesome news regarding progress in ensuring fairness and equality in voting districts in Michigan! 🏆

Our Michigan Secretary of State is looking to resolve the League of Women Voters vs. State of Michigan case, which is challenging the actions of the 2018 Lame Duck 🦆 session. She is going to work to establish the nonpartisan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, as the voters decided.

Here is a quote from the release that the Secretary of State’s office sent out regarding the case:

She said the long-term solution is the one put in place by the voters of our state for a nonpartisan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC). The ICRC will be convened in 2020 to redraw all state legislative and federal congressional districts in Michigan following the 2020 census and will be in place by the 2022 election.

“As a longtime advocate of citizen involvement in redistricting as a solution to end gerrymandering, I look forward to implementing an ICRC in a way that is transparent, nonpartisan and effectively engages citizens across the state in the important task of drawing legislative districts that comply with state and federal law.” Benson said.

Read the full statement here:

Secretary Benson files brief in League of Women Voters vs. State of Michigan

In response to an existing motion to stay the trial in the pending litigation between the League of Women Voters (the Plaintiffs) and the State of Michigan, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson today filed a brief in concurrence to stay the trial currently scheduled for Feb. 5, 2019, so that she may re…

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