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Today is the day! Indivisible Guide is engaging in national coordinated action across the country with a National Call Day—join in by calling 844-236-2373 to contact your Senator!

Make a plan to make some calls to your Senator today along with Indivisibles across the country—and don’t forget to share a picture or video of your call on social media. When you call, ask Democratic Senators to oppose the White House immigration bill when the Senate votes on it, and continue opposing any legislation unrelated to the shutdown. Ask Republican Senators to publicly pressure Mitch McConnell to put the House-passed legislation to a vote in the Senate.

In addition to the above tactics, another way to help during the shutdown is support federal workers. Whether through food drives, lending a hand to folks in your community, etc., there are a variety of ways to take support these workers during the shutdown. While this may not be directly pressuring your Senator, it’s important to continuing showing up for folks who are struggling because of Trump’s shutdown.

More information about the National Call Day and phone scripts are available on their website:


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