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Do you agree with getting rid of Michigan's Lame Duck session? 🦆

A Republican state representative wants to change the Michigan Constitution to do away with the Legislature’s contentious year-end session known as lame duck. Whether the effort succeeds is up in the air. If past attempts are any indication, it has an uphill road. Rep. Gary Howell, introduced House Joint Resolution C on January 24th.

Howell’s resolution, if passed, would ask statewide voters to approve amending the state constitution to end the Legislature’s two-year terms on the Friday before the first Monday in November. That also would mean lawmakers would stop voting on bills for the year before Election Day, before it’s known which candidates are elected to office and how the party makeup of the Legislature changes.

From Bridge Magazine

Bipartisan bills: Will latest measure put an end to lame duck in Michigan?

After a contentious lame-duck session and accusations of partisan power grabs, Republican and Democratic lawmakers are pushing a resolution to ask voters to pass a constitutional amendment ending legislative terms before Election Day.

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