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📢 Construction is set to begin on a section of border wall is already taking over more than two-thirds of the 100-acre National Butterfly Center 🦋 in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

The New York Times informs us that, “The federal government waived 28 environmental laws to expedite construction.” Noting the environmental concerns at issue here they continue, “the Rio Grande Valley is one of the most biologically diverse regions-in the country and a major bird migration corridor, with more than 500 species recorded.”

All of this is at risk of destruction if the wall is built here. https://nyti.ms/2TQj3gY

A restraining order has been applied for to save this refuge and we can help support it by joining Action Together Network’s Twitterstorm TONIGHT Wednesday, February 13, 8-9PM EST.

Go directly to the Tweetsheet link for prewritten tweets, ready for us to send out: https://goo.gl/2SciZ9


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