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We are excited to present this presentation in collaboration with A2D2 and Indivisible Dexter!

"Bryan Watson is joining us to give his talk, “Framing Our American Values: Words That Work and Why They Work”, and we are so excited to have him join us!

He compares politics to marketing, and says “…like marketing, politics is the art of persuading people to think about matters the way we think about them, and to act – to vote – the way we want them to act. To be successful, we have to speak to people in the way that they understand. We have to recognize the "frame" that shapes their views and the values that create those frames. Drawing from the work of Dr. George Lakoff, a neuroscientist and progressive, and Frank Luntz, a pollster, marketer, and conservative, we will look at how to make our messages reach our audience effectively.”

We are expecting a big turnout, so please bring folding or camp chairs if you have them!"



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