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What do you think of this scandal and the inequality in higher education? 💰📚

The recent college admissions scandal in which wealthy parents spent millions of dollars, bribing college consultants to falsify test scores for their children and athletic coaches to accept them for college teams (even if they’d never played that sport) dramatizes the extreme inequities in the college admission process.

Although the college admission process has always been tilted towards wealthy parents who can afford to give hefty donations, news of the recent scandal comes at a time when college tuition is increasingly becoming a lifetime burden on the many students who must assume huge educational loans. According to CNN, “The US had more student loan debt than credit card debt in 2017, more than $1 trillion.” And yet, students who don’t go to college are denied an important avenue to social mobility, earning a little more than half what degreed students do.


The college admissions scandal is all about inequality, too

Of course there's a way to buy your way into college, thought everyone who ever wondered how an admissions board separates one kid from another.

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