Domestic Terrorism is a Global Phenomenon

This week, the 21-year-old white male accused of committing this devastating violence was charged with hate crimes in addition to previous charges of arson. While there is more to be learned about the perpetrator’s ideology and motivations, the church burnings, coming on the heels of the New Zealand mosque massacres, (perpetrated by an avowed white supremacist who referenced Donald Trump in his manifesto) follow an alarming trend of domestic terrorism carried out by individuals who traffic in all forms of hatred.

The Terrorism That Doesn’t Spark a Panic

Domestic terrosrism is on the rise… What is the Trump Administration doing about it? On April 2nd, the Department of Homeland Security silently disbanded the unit focused on combating domestic terrorism. This is dangerous to all Americans. Domestic terrorism is one of the greatest threats to our democracy today. This is not okay. Read more…