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Join us for the PEG Speaker Series with Mark Grebner of Practical Political Consulting. Mark is a seasoned campaign professional with 43 successful election campaigns for Ingham County commissioner under his belt. He will speak of his proven effective Get Out The Vote campaign methods and his efforts in the mobilization of nonvoters.

Mark Grebner of Practical Political Consulting had an insight that “nonvoters are ashamed of abstaining but believe they can get away with it because no one knows whether they in fact voted.”

His Get Out the Vote campaigns based on this insight have been shown to be 10x as effective as any others, yet they aren’t being copied. Come learn why these campaigns work, why they are not utilized, and join the discussion as to whether they should be.

Mark has worked with hundreds of campaigns and has been featured in the New York Times as the source for Michigan voter lists.

This presentation may be the most thought-provoking and entertaining one you will attend this year. Mark is eccentric, brilliant, irreverent, opinionated, and funny. For one of his 43 successful election campaigns for Ingham County commissioner his advertisements included one in a local coupon book (''Buy one politician, get one free''), bumper stickers (''No worse than the rest'') and refrigerator magnets (''He may be a fool, but he's our fool'').


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