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If you are concerned about what can and should be done to win the 2020 election, click here to watch the video of Mark Grebner at Sunday’s PEG meeting. Mark’s insightful and provocative presentation was made even more valuable by the participation of the attendees, many of whom were experienced campaigners and government officials responsible for the holding elections. Mark describes a proven technique of his to Get Out the Vote of people to support your candidates that drive people berserk. Should it be used in 2020? Most of the attendees thought so, but is it wise? Many thanks to Roger Rayle for providing the video.

Much of the discussion was based upon the research reported in the book Get Out the Vote by Donald Green and Alan Gerber. It’s available in paperback from Amazon and elsewhere. Here’s a typical endorsement: “Get out the Vote provides real insight for any political professional and even those activists who strive to find a winning edge. It will transform your performance. My only regret is the left has access to this insight.” David Carney, former campaign manager for Gov. Rick Perry and for Sen. Robert Dole.]

If you are interested in potentially joining a study group looking into ways for activists to make a difference in the 2020 election send an email to


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