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We are seeing losses across the country with the recent abortion bans. The most recent, and arguably the strictest, ban was in Alabama. Michigan is not exempt from this pending wave across America. One of the organizations we hold in high regard, Michigan Resistance, is doing something this week about Michigan’s two new Anti-abortion Bills # 4320 and 4321. Both bills have passed the House vote and now we must urge Governor Whitmer to veto these bills at (517) 335-7858.
Script for Calling Governor Whitmer:
Hi, I’m calling to urge Governor Whitmer to veto HB 4320 and 4321, as she has said she would. These bills make abortion inaccessible for many women and deny them the safest form of abortion for the second trimester. The government should not interfere with decisions between a woman and her doctors, and physicians need all the tools possible to make the right decision for a woman and her life.
Note: Information provided by Michigan Resistance writer, Susan Gannon .

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