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Help declare a climate emergency in Ann Arbor!

Ann Arbor has not yet declared a climate emergency. Climate Mobilization's declaration of climate emergency is on the AA Environmental Commission's agenda for their October 24 meeting, and they need help to pass it.

Consider emailing or writing the members of the Environmental Commission to ask them to vote yes to approve the declaration and send it to City Council. The commission's email address is ec@a2gov.org.

Click to see Climate Mobilization ask the Environmental Commission to put their declaration on the agenda for 24 October. It begins at 3:30 in the video. Basic information on the AA Environmental Commission is available here:


Environmental Commission

Environmental Commission Home » Departments » Systems Planning » Planning Areas » Sustainability » Environmental Commission   Page Content​​The Environmental Commission was created by City Council in 2001 and is comprised of up to 13 members of the public appointed by City Council.  The…

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