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written by Al DuBruck & Laurie Williams, Retired Teachers

On this critically important day before the possible impeachment of a U.S. president, we just learned from a report on Indivisible’s site that some districts are receiving 3 times as many calls _against_ impeachment than for it.

While calling our representative (again) today, we both realized that, as teachers, we, too, have ALSO signed an oath to protect and uphold the Constitution of these United States. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to honor that oath and do all in our power to protect the US Constitution, now under threat.

There are 3.2 million teachers in the U.S.  Imagine if all of us demanded the same thing required of us – the protection of the U.S. Constitution – of our elected representatives!   We must demand that they do that – now – because if Donald J. Trump is not impeached, the Constitution and our representative democracy mean NOTHING.

If you are a teacher or know a teacher/s, please send this on to them (in fact, send it on to your entire network)!  Please urge those you know (teacher and non-teacher alike) to call or email  their Congressperson TODAY.   Know that it also important to call or write all the Republican Congresspeople in your state too!   If their aides give you trouble, remind them that you are aware  (and they must be, too) that our elected officials routinely take money from out-of-district sources, so they should be able to take an opinion about an important issue from out-of-district, as well.  (TOH, D.S.!)

Michigan’s Republican Congressmen can be reached at:

Jack Bergman
(202) 225-4735
Bill Huizenga
(202) 225-4401
John Moolenaar
(202) 225-3561
Fred Upton
(202) 225-3761
Tim Walberg
(202) 225-6276
Paul Mitchell
(202) 225-2106


If you are emailing Congresspeople,  you can find their email addresses at:

As this is a matter of great urgency, we have provided a template letter, here.  Feel free to use or modify it.


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