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🗣NEW! Check out our "why" we vote
The PEG Newsletter and Outreach team wants to share some of our reasons that we vote. Our first featured reason is by Janet Cannon, a friend of PEG. If you would like to participate, please send your reason to peginfo20@gmail.com.

Why do I vote?
by Bette Cotzin
For the sake of our children, their children and future generations.

ICYMI: A response to those who feel their vote doesn't matter
by Janet Cannon
I was a disillusioned non-voter for quite a long time. I felt there was no point participating when time after time the system favored candidates I deeply disagreed with….


A Response to Those Who Feel Their Vote Doesn’t Matter

Why Your Vote Matters Today– Even More Than in 2016 The easy answer is, if it didn’t matter, there wouldn’t be so many people trying to keep you from using it! The concerted attacks on our access to voting, by the Republican Party, as well as on our…

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