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Some tips for absentee voting
1. READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS before marking your ballot.
2. Complete your ballot in a BLUE or BLACK ink pen.
3. READ the ballot carefully.
4. Check both sides of the ballot.
5. If you make a mistake, do not attempt to correct your errors. Instead, return your ballot to your clerk for a new ballot.
6. Place only your completed ballot in the “SECRECY SLEEVE,” so only the numbered stub is visible.
7. Then place the ballot and secrecy sleeve into the “RETURN ENVELOPE.” You must use TWO ENVELOPES, whether you mail in or drop off your ballot.
8. SIGN YOUR NAME AND DATE IT ON THE RETURN ENVELOPE (see graphic below) how it appears in the state's system.
9. Hand deliver your ballot to your clerk’s office or a drop box available IN YOUR VOTING JURISDICTION. See the websites below for your clerk’s address and drop box locations in your jurisdiction.
Verify you have enough postage if mailing and mail at least 2.5 weeks ahead of election day.
If you have moved in the last 30 days, you will need to re-register. You can update your information through this online voter registration page or go to your city or township clerk. If you have moved and have not changed your address for voting, you need to do that.

If you have received your absentee ballot and then decided to vote in person on election day, contact your clerk for instructions. If you need assistance with your absentee ballot, read the specific instructions regarding that.
Track your ballot at www.Ballotpower.org. The trackers will show you the progress of your ballot. If your ballot is rejected for any reason, or not received by the clerk within 5 days, contact your clerk.


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