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Why We Vote!
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The PEG Newsletter and Outreach team wants to share some of our reasons that we vote. Our first featured reason is by Janet Cannon, a friend of PEG. If you would like to participate, please send your reason to peginfo20@gmail.com.

A Response To Those Who Feel Their Vote Doesn't Matter
by Janet Cannon
I was a disillusioned non-voter for quite a long time. I felt there was no point participating when time after time the system favored candidates I deeply disagreed with…. As time went by, I became more aware of history and of the forces acting to keep humanity in thrall to entrenched interests, both financial and political. I saw what a strong push there is to deny citizen status to large classes of people, making them vulnerable to exploitation, afraid to stand up to demand decent wages and conditions. I was shocked to see how, under the barrage of right wing “economists” promoting such theories as “trickle-down” and “choice economics”, even middle-class workers found themselves without basic rights such as sick leave or pensions, and I began to read. Read More at: (https://www.dailykos.com/…/-A-Response-to-Those-Who-Feel-Th…)


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