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Reposted from @socialjusticehoney I found this great post about a post-election safety plan for the first time today or I would have shared it sooner.

Please have a safety plan, especially if you are in a city/state that is at a higher risk of violence. Note: MICHIGAN IS A HIGH RISK

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Image may contain: text that says 'Regardless of who wins the election there could be anger and violence. We need to be prepared physically and mentally. clevergirl CRAFTINGS'Image may contain: text that says 'Check list for physical safety: Pack a "go bag" Important documents & Rx meds Clothing toiletries, & snacks Cash & cards Phone & laptop chargers Personal protection Grocery shop efoe 1/3 Refill all important Rx meds Refuel your vehicle & check the spare tire tire before 11/3 clever.ainl CRAFTINGS'Image may contain: text that says 'Mental health safety: Schedule paid time off if you have it and need it. Plan to check up on loved ones. Ask loved ones to check in with you. Give yourself grace & time to process. Refill your meds. Write down what helps you the most in times of anxiety or depression. Keep that list handy. cleyeru girl CRAFTINGS'

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