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Action Needed! From Michigan Resistance

Here’s the Who’s Who among the members of Congress and members of the Michigan House whose support of Trump’s lies helped create the dangerous environment whereby insurrectionists attacked our nation’s Capitol and are now threatening all 50 state Capitols:

Tim Walberg, Congressional District 7 (from west of Jackson to west of Ann Arbor)

Lisa McClain, Congressional District 10 (northern Macomb County through the Thumb)

Jack Bergman, Congressional District 1 (Northern Lower Peninsula and all of UP)

Matt Maddock, State House District 44 (Milford, White Lake, Waterford)

Julie Alexander, State House District 64 (City of Jackson and surrounding townships)

Steve Carra, State House District 59 (South of Kalamazoo to the Indiana border)

Since these six individuals do not accept the vote of the people, they have no right to represent voters in either Congress or the Michigan House of Representatives. Michigan voters need to be aware of the betrayal of these officials. Each of them needs to very publicly denounce Trump’s claims that he won the election and announce that they support the reality of the election of Biden and Harris OR they should resign from office.

Our action this week is for you to contact any or all of the newspapers and television stations listed above and urge them to investigate this betrayal and spotlight these representatives with prominent coverage. If you are a constituent of any of these officials, please make this clear in your message.

Suggested message (please reword to personalize):

Please investigate and spotlight (in your paper/on the air) the unconstitutional and dangerous behavior of the following elected Michigan representatives in regard to their attempts to thwart the will of the voters by opposing the electoral college certification on January 6th. These officials are Tim Walberg, Lisa McClain, Jack Bergman. Matt Maddock, Julie Alexander & Steve Carra. Please put these officials on record with an answer to this question. "Do you support the reality of the election of Biden and Harris? If not, what do you say to those who think you should resign?"


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