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Ban on open carry in the Michigan Capitol – It’s not enough!

MLive reports that the Michigan State Capitol Commission voted unanimously on Monday to ban the open carry of firearms in the Michigan Capitol Building, effective immediately. This does not apply to the Capitol grounds, nor does it impact concealed weapons carried by a civilian with an up-to-date and valid concealed carry license. The Capitol building lacks metal detectors and bag checks. There are typically just one or two Capitol police officers as the primary security. The sergeants-at-arms provide security for lawmakers.
In a well-researched article, Michigan Advance tinyurl.com/MIAdv-ban notes that one of the many sticking points in stalled deliberations by the MSCC has been the concern that installing new security technology like a magnetometer might tarnish the historic authenticity of the 143-year-old building. There is also an issue of the cost of magnetometers and of more security to personnel for the screenings, estimated to be $1.5 million, which means either the Republican-led Legislature has to create a new appropriation for security measures, or the state police will need to accommodate the new rule in their budget. (MLive).

While appreciative of the Commission’s decision, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel noted that Monday’s decision is not enough. She urges “the Commission or our Legislature to take the proper action and pass the necessary reforms that truly take into account the safety of those visiting and working in our Capitol. Today’s actions are simply not enough to do that.” (NBC News) tinyurl.com/NBC-MI-Ban


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