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Gratitude is an important way to shape the world we want to see. Water the positives…

From Ann Arborite Judy Schmidt:

"Wrote a message of support & thanks this morning to the Capitol custodians who had to clean up after these hooligans.

“Here are the addresses where thank you letters can be sent to custodial staff:
AFSCME Local 626
Ford House Office Building
2nd Street Southwest
Washington, DC 20024
Architect of the Capitol
US Capitol
Room SB-16
Washington, DC 20515
You can also email thank you letters to the union, AFSCME Local 626, at localbamma@gmail.com or to the Architect of the Capitol at communications@aoc.gov."

Black Capitol custodial staff speak out after cleaning up after white supremacist rioters

Staffers said cleaning Trump supporters’ mess was "degrading." Others said they were "used to" cleaning up after white supremacists at the Capitol.

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