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Action Needed! From Michigan Resistance…

Action Needed! From Michigan Resistance Here’s the Who’s Who among the members of Congress and members of the Michigan House whose support of Trump’s lies helped create the dangerous environment whereby insurrectionists attacked our nation’s Capitol and are now threatening all 50 state Capitols: Tim Walberg, Congressional District 7 (from west of Jackson to west…

What is QAnon?

QAnon started creeping into mainstream media on the coattails of the Russian disinformation campaign that targeted US elections in 2016. Recent social media and opinion polls indicate there are at least hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who believe in at least some of the bizarre theories offered up by QAnon. Wikipedia states that between March and June 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, QAnon activity nearly tripled on Facebook and nearly doubled on Instagram and Twitter.[76] By that time, QAnon had spread to Europe, from the Netherlands to the Balkan Peninsula. It maintains an especially strong following in Germany.

Two of three GOP candidates that have been sympathetic or supportive of the group have been elected to Congress: Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Congressional candidate for Georgia’s 14th district seat, and Lauren Boebert, who beat a Trump-backed, five-term incumbent during primary elections for Colorado’s 3rd district. The Hill reported that as early as May 2019, the FBI identified conspiracy theories as to potential domestic terrorism threats, specifically identifying QAnon as stated in their document.

Home – American Promise

Monday, January 11, 8–9 pm. Monthly National Call with American Promise This month’s national call, presented by the national organization American Promise, will feature special guest Congressman Dean Phillips from Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District. Rep. Phillips is… More Home – American Promise See our original post at Facebook