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Shame on You!

Three Michigan Republicans to the House of Representatives undermined democracy when they objected to Electoral College votes in Arizona and Pennsylvania – Reps Jack Bergman (R-Watersmeet), Tim Walberg (R-Tipton) and Lisa McClain (R-Bruce). Hours after armed rioters incited by the president had been routed from the U.S. Capitol, three Michigan congressmen continued their efforts to delegitimize Joe Biden's victory. U.S. Reps. Lisa McClain (R-Bruce Twp.), Jack Bergman (R-Watersmeet) and Tim Walberg (R-Tipton). All voted to disallow presidential electors certified by Republican-majority state legislatures in Arizona and Pennsylvania. "Each bears responsibility for perpetuating the lies and fueling the outrage that led inexorably to the Capitol rampage," says the Detroit Free Press. tinyurl.com/MI-Lie-FP

Click on Detroit is reporting that Michigan Democrats are calling for their resignations “as pressure grows to hold lawmakers accountable for false election claims.” Democrats in the House are investigating additional options, such as the 14th Amendment. Let these representatives know what you think: Rep Bergman – (202) 225-4735, Rep Walberg – (202) 225-6276, Rep McClain – (202) 225-2106.

People of the lie: The Michigan Republicans who tried to overturn the election

For two months, they amplified Trump's phony fraud claims in a concerted campaign to thwart democracy

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