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ICYMI- last Sunday's Conversation, with Dr. Howard Brick and Margot Staebler, is now available to watch at tinyurl.com/Newman-Capitol-Report
Staebler had a chilling account of her experience at the US Capitol Tuesday and Wednesday. She described Tuesday as two events, one led by Alex Jones and another event that Margot attended featuring ‘Moms for America,’ a “largely overtly Trumpian group”… “separate from traditional conservatism”… “There was a heavy emphasis by the speakers about being warriors for Christ”… and “there was a heavy Christian vibe.” Staebler was there when Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) invoked Hitler. tinyurl.com/Miller-Hitler watch the entire episode to see Staebler’s documentation of the events on Wednesday, January 6.

Republican congresswoman Mary Miller quotes Hitler during rally – video

US Congresswoman Mary Miller of Illinois quotes Hitler during rally outside the US Capitol.

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