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Today, on International Holocaust Rememberance Day, we remember all of the life and hope that was extinguished, as well as all of the rich stories and contributions felt in every corner of the globe. The survivors, the family of survivors, and the descendants and loved ones of many who didn't survive continue to live, achieve, and thrive.

"The U.S. Senate has confirmed Antony John Blinken as the 71st U.S. Secretary of State. Secretary Blinken has often shared the story of his stepfather's survival at the end of World War II.

His stepfather, Samuel Pisar, spent years in Nazi concentration camps. While on a death march, Pisar escaped into the woods and hid, until he heard a tank. "Instead of an Iron Cross, he saw a five-pointed White Star. He ran to the tank, the hatch opened, and an African American GI looked down at him. He got down on his knees and said the only three words he knew in English, that his mother had taught him: 'God Bless America,'" Blinken explains.

Today, we remember this and other extraordinary stories of human endurance and survival. May we always stand against anti-Semitism and all forms of hatred, and may we never forget those who displayed undaunted courage during desperate times of persecution and intolerance."

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