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Washtenaw County is home to some powerhouse progressive movements. One PEG appreciates is WeRoc:

Justice Matters Campaign for Prosecutorial Accountability

WeROC began working in the summer of 2020 with their affiliated organization in the Metro area, MOSES, on an ongoing regional “prosecutorial accountability” campaign in Washtenaw County, as well as in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties. Called the “Justice Matters” campaign, the group is working in real time in parallel with the massive racial justice activism nationally and in Michigan.

Following the investiture of Prosecuting Attorney Eli Savit and Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Victoria Burton-Harris on January 2, Washtenaw County has already seen some exciting policy changes, including:
No “Zero Tolerance”
No cash bail
Independent prosecutor for every case of police violence

For a recap of their many significant actions and links to more info, see our newsletter: https://conta.cc/39pNXXG


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